The "sneeze guard" from Kurth Glas & Spiegel AG 

The „sneeze guard“ is a glass spit guard that is easy to handle and can be set up almost anywhere. This new product from Kurth Glas & Spiegel AG protects against the transmission of viruses and bacteria through droplet infection. The spit guard against droplet infection is made in Switzerland. The high-quality safety glass offers numerous advantages and can be disinfected easily and effectively.

Effective protection against disease transmission

Spit protection can effectively protect service employees and sales personnel from diseases that are transmitted by droplet infection. It has been known since before the appearance of the coronavirus that contagious diseases can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or speaking. However, the necessary distance cannot always be maintained at a service counter or sales counter. This is where the „sneeze guard“ can be used. The new spit protection against droplet infection is available in different models and shapes, and can be set up in a number of ways. Complicated renovations or adjustments to furniture are not necessary. If necessary, the glass screen can be set up easily and removed just as easily. A lot of pre-existing divisions between customers and service personnel have been dismantled during modernisation reforms in recent years. This protective glass screen can either replace them or supplement existing partitions. It is not only the coronavirus that is transmitted through coughing or sneezing, normal types of flu can also be passed on through droplet infection. Effective protection thanks to a glass partition can also prevent the spread of colds, which are transmitted by droplets.